Review of Investous Trading Broker

In the realm of burgeoning online trading, the proliferation of scams has reached alarming proportions. The wily ingenuity of scammers poses a constant threat, capable of ensnaring even the most astute traders with alluring websites and seemingly unbeatable deals. Vigilance through meticulous due diligence becomes paramount. In our examination of the brokerage entity, Investous, we unravel the intricacies to safeguard your financial interests. Should the specter of falling prey to a Forex broker scam, Investous included, haunt your concerns, a mere phone call to our adept team can set the wheels in motion. We specialize in aiding victims, tracking illicit gains, and facilitating the reclamation of pilfered funds.

Investous Unveiled

Behind the curtain of the Investous spectacle lies F1Markets Limited, an investment firm rooted in Cyprus. This entity has secured authorization and regulation under the aegis of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), bearing the imprimatur with license number 267/15. The nerve center of their operations resides in Limassol, Cyprus. The global arm of the enterprise falls under the purview of IOS Investments Limited, stationed in Belize.

Despite the veneer of regulatory adherence, a cautionary note adorns their website, delineating regional restrictions. Notably, Investous abstains from trading activities in the UK, while affirming services within the European Economic Area (EEA), with Belgium being the sole exclusion. A geographical caveat worth noting, contingent upon your location in the global expanse.

The Tapestry of Accounts

Investous unfurls a quartet of account offerings: Basic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Each tier mandates a minimum deposit, spanning the gamut from 250EUR to a princely 250,000EUR, contingent on the chosen echelon. Per the site’s narrative, distinctions among Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts seem negligible. The schism widens, notably between Basic and Gold, the latter endowed with augmented features and percentage points, colloquially christened pips. An unusual stratagem, for a reputable broker traditionally ensures parity in service quality across all strata, averting disproportionate costs.

The Mirage of Legitimacy

Investous’ allure is readily perceptible, adorned in the trappings of a reliable brokerage. Yet, beneath the veneer, a nuanced scrutiny reveals the true nature of this financial entity.

The offer of a 1:500 leverage across all accounts raises an immediate red flag—a stratagem often exploited by scammers enthralling unwitting victims with dreams of soaring returns. In stark contrast, credible brokers, beholden to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and analogous regulators in the US and Canada, are proscribed from peddling leverages surpassing 1:30 for Forex transactions.

Further casting shadows on Investous’ legitimacy is the revelation of F1Markets Limited’s revoked passport rights, coupled with a cessation mandate in the UK—prompting closure of all UK positions and the restitution of funds to UK traders, as per the Financial Conduct Authority’s edict.

The ominous cloud thickens with the imposition of exorbitant inactivity fees—a departure from the norm. While Forex brokers customarily levy modest inactivity fees after six months of dormancy, Investous demands payment after a mere month of trading dormancy, deposit or withdrawal hiatus. The toll, a steep 80EUR or equivalent, escalating progressively to a staggering 1,000 EUR after a year.

The virtual landscape echoes with a cacophony of discontent, a litany of online customer service complaints echoing tales of woe. Stark warnings reverberate, adorned with phrases such as ‘Please avoid’ and ‘I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.’ Traders recount the toll exacted by losses incurred on the platform, underscoring the deleterious impact on their financial well-being.

In the wake of our revelations—unreasonable fees, questionable advice, and towering deposits—the verdict is clear. Investous, in its multifaceted guise, stands exposed as a duplicitous venture, a mirage of financial legitimacy that warrants avoidance at all costs.


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