Flowtrade Review: Is Flowtrade Worth It?

flowtrade review

Discover if FlowTrade is legit in this comprehensive FlowTrade review. Explore its features and pricing plans so that you can make informed decisions.

FlowTrade is a trading platform and community designed for users of all experience levels. It allows users to conduct in-depth market analysis with innovative features that assist investors and traders in identifying market trends.

The platform focuses on empowering retail traders by providing them with sophisticated algorithms, enabling them to access information typically known by market makers and institutional traders. This gives users a competitive advantage in their swing trading and day trading activities.

In this FlowTrade review, we will explore the software’s details, including its key features. This will help you determine whether it’s worth it to integrate the FlowTrade platform into your trading strategy.

What is FlowTrade?

FlowTrade is an algorithmic trading system that was designed by a group of seasoned traders to improve skill sets, offer mentorship, and refine individual trading strategies. Its goal is to democratize access to institutional trading tools for retail traders.

Rather than relying on speculative predictions of market movements, FlowTrade allows users to follow the actions of informed investors. It stands out as one of the few trading platforms accessible to retail traders with the capability to track market markers, dark pools, and institutional activities.

This real-time visibility allows you to observe and learn from the decisions that these individuals make.

Features of the FlowTrade Platform

The key features of FlowTrade include:

The flow index

The flow index acts as a momentum indicator, tracking the movement of money into and out of a security within a specific timeframe. This tool helps identify trades aligned with smart money, eliminating speculation and guesswork.

Dark pools and Algo Flow

FlowTrade provides exclusive access to “dark pool” trades made by institutional investors, usually concealed from retail traders for extended periods.

The platform offers real-time alerts on significant stock blocks, including buy and sell orders, puts, and calls, empowering users to make informed trading decisions. FlowTrade delivers this information at a fraction of the cost compared to similar services.

Dark pools

Dark pools are off-exchange platforms where securities transactions occur discreetly. Participants in dark pools cannot see each other’s buying and selling information until a transaction is completed.

This alternative trading system, operated by broker-dealers, provides confidentiality for larger orders, preventing price manipulation on public exchanges.

Block trades

Block trades involve large, privately negotiated securities transactions. To maintain confidentiality, these trades are often split into smaller orders and executed through different brokers.

They are significant enough to influence share prices and are commonly executed by broker-dealers during market volatility.

Algo Flow

Algo Flow is a straightforward representation of options flow throughout the day, illustrating the overall sentiment of market participants. This aggregated and cumulative data offers insights into market dynamics at any given minute.


FlowTrade’s website offers free access to a comprehensive collection of educational videos and guides. These resources are designed to enhance trading skills and knowledge, providing valuable insights for both beginners and experienced traders.

FlowTrade Pricing Overview

FlowTrade provides different pricing options to accommodate users’ preferences. You can explore the platform for free during a 7-day trial period before deciding on a monthly or yearly subscription.

During the trial, you can test all of FlowTrade’s features. If you choose to join, you can opt for either a monthly or yearly subscription plan. The 7-day trial allows you to cancel your membership at any time without any obligations.

For those who want to continue using the FlowTrade platform after the trial, the Base Access plan is available for $199 per month. This plan includes all the features from the free trial.

Alternatively, the 12-month Access plan offers access to all features for a year for $1,999.

FlowTrade UX

We discovered that it becomes easy to navigate the FlowTrade platform once you’re acquainted with its features, understand how it works, and start implementing various strategies.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced trader, FlowTrade offers valuable tools to elevate your skills and boost your profitability.

FlowTrade portrays itself as a genuine solution, delivering on the commitments it made. The platform’s website and social media have testimonials that portray how users are benefiting from its features.

Comparison Between FlowTrade and its Competitors

When comparing FlowTrade with its competitors, it is glaring that they offer similar services, but each comes with its own set of features and benefits. Some competitors may entice you with initial bonuses that have lower prices than FlowTrade, coupled with a standard 7-day free trial.

The key differences between FlowTrade and its counterparts lie in the extra packaged services they provide. Competitors might offer analyst ratings, voice notifications, daily winners and losers, real-time sentiment, historical sentiment, or insights into unusual options activity.

However, it’s crucial to note that these companies lack a comprehensive mentoring program and fail to deliver thorough education on implementing these techniques effectively.

What seems to set FlowTrade apart is its focus on providing information with a focus on concise analysis. Unlike some competitors, FlowTrade eliminates the need for users to sift through a multitude of features to determine which tools work best for them.

Another distinguishing feature is FlowTrade’s mentoring program, connecting users with experienced traders who guide them through understanding how the platform works, answer questions and help in devising effective strategies.

What Products Does FlowTrade Offer Apart from Its Dark Pool-Related Services?

Flowtrade provides a 7-day free trial, followed by a monthly charge of $199 or an annual fee of $1,999.

Flowtrade sells the following:

  • Professional mentoring
  • Flow index algorithm
  • Self-paced trading education
  • Intelligent scans

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide detailed insights into its strategies. They assume that a 7-day trial period is sufficient for you to get answers to all your questions before making a purchase decision.

Is the Dark Pool Strategy Worth It?

The dark pool strategy is commonly used in the stock market to describe the buying and selling of securities. If you have an account with the controversial TD Ameritrade broker, you’re essentially engaging in dark pool transactions.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the use of dark pools for trading securities isn’t as special or intimidating as it might sound. In reality, labelling it as a unique trading strategy is misleading.

When it comes to FlowTrade, the persistence in using this term might be driven by motives to boost their brand image. It’s crucial to understand that, despite the intimidating aura surrounding the term “dark pool,” it doesn’t add any real value to the buying and selling of securities.

In a nutshell, while the term may sound intriguing, it’s important to see through the marketing strategies and recognize that the dark pool strategy, as presented by FlowTrade, doesn’t offer any substantial benefits and may just be a way to make their services seem more complex than they are.

FlowTrade Marketing

Some of the marketing strategies that Flowtrade implements on its website are numerous ‘testimonials’ and two badges, ostensibly from a platform called Bezinga.

Bezinga, just like Trustpilot, is a review platform that offers PR and advertising services, meaning they may offer positive reviews if paid.

The ‘client testimonials’ that Flow Trade presents on its website appear questionable. They aim to convince you to sign up by highlighting positive ‘reviews’ from their clients.

It’s crucial to note that these reviews are unverifiable. There is no certainty regarding the authenticity of the statements and images of supposed consumers, raising doubts about whether they are genuine or fabricated for marketing purposes.

Conclusion: Is FlowTrade Worth It?

Flowtrade appears to be promoting questionable products to traders. The company is actively advertising its services across various online platforms, potentially attracting unsuspecting individuals into their scheme.

It is advisable to steer clear if you come across any visually appealing website like Flowtrade. Such websites often have specific reasons for their flashy appearance and persuasive sales strategies.

If you have any information about FlowTrade, its administrators, or its facilitators, please reach out to us.


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