Credit Card Fraud

Brandon, a 20-year-old studying Culinary Arts at DIT in Shankill, Co Dublin, shared his encounter with fraud. One day, he attempted a transaction with his card, only to have it declined. Despite knowing he had funds, he discovered that €260 had been withdrawn from his account. Of this amount, €110 was spent on a Spanish book website, and the remainder was used for other online transactions.

While Brandon managed to recover €210, the details of the fraud remain unclear. He suspects that someone shared his card details, leading to transactions in Spain and Florida within a two-hour span. Despite taking what he believed were necessary precautions, Brandon realized there might have been a lapse in his vigilance, possibly when using a risky website without paying sufficient attention to security indicators.

The incident left Brandon frustrated and fearful of a recurrence, prompting him to adopt a more cautious approach. He now uses specific ATMs in monitored locations, such as banks or shops.

Key Advice:

  1. Keep your card secure and report any loss or theft immediately.
  2. Notify your card issuer if an expected card or PIN does not arrive.
  3. Sign new cards upon receipt and discard old ones promptly.
  4. Shield your PIN when making purchases or using ATMs.
  5. Ensure your card remains visible during transactions, especially if the payment point is not nearby.

It’s crucial to protect your payment card and PIN, as you may be held liable for unauthorized transactions if they are not adequately safeguarded.


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