How To Buy Crypto On Cryptoxchangepro

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There are currently many cryptocurrency exchange websites on the internet, most of which are hard to use and understand for the average crypto exchanger. Our writers often go through a voluminous list of great crypto exchange platforms monthly and select one for review.
This month, we will be reviewing and taking users on a step by step guide on how to use this platform to trade and exchange cryptocurrency. Let us get started

Before we get started, for many who have not heard of Cryptoxchangepro, it is simply a cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. On it you can store your crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etcetra and also exchange them for other crypto coin. From our research, they are reliable, and easy to use.

We have divided our steps into 6 steps and we hope that at the end of this read, you will be able to easily trade and exchange cryptocurrency on cryptoxchangepro

  1. Sign Up

The first step of course is opening an account with and this is quite easy. Just proceed to cryptoxchangepro on your choice browser and click on the signup button. You will be taken to the signup form where you will be required to enter some information

Fill the necessary information and click on the signup button

2. Activation

After you signup, you will receive an activation mail in your email where you will be required to click a link or button to activate your account. If you cannot find the mail in your main inbox, you may need to check your spam folder for it

3. Log in

Once your email has been activated, you will be taken to a log in page, where you will need to enter the information you used in signing up on the platform

Tah Dah! Congrats on login into the platform

4. Deposit

On creation, your account is unverified. This is because you have not deposited any sum of money into it. To do that, you need to click on the hamburger icon on the dashboard and then click deposit

Once you have clicked on the deposit button, you will need to select what coin you want to deposit in. Cryptoxchangepro currently accepts deposits in some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Select any of them to proceed

After you have chosen the coin you want to make your deposit in, you will need to enter in the amount of that coin you want to make a deposit in. For easy understanding, Cryptoxchangepro displays the equivalent of that coin in dollars

Click on the Next button, confirm your details and then Complete Deposit.

5. Make Payment

After deposit has been confirmed, you will automatically receive a mail with the wallet code in which you have to pay the amount you want to deposit to. Why does Cryptoxchangepro do this? Well, for security purposes. The wallet is safely sent into your mail where no one can have access to it and try to defraud you. Once payment has been made, you will only need to wait a few minutes before it reflects on your cryptoxchangepro wallet

6. Exchange Coins

After you have made your deposit, you may want to exchange some of your initial coins for new coins and on the Cryptoxchangepro platform it is easy as abc. Just go back to your dashboard and click on Exchange

You have to then select what coin you want to exchange, the amount and what coin you want to exchange it for. It is exactly as easy as it sounds


And Voila! You have your new coin! Exchanging and Creating crypto wallets should not be a hassle and Cryptoxchangepro have made sure of that. You can also go through your dashboard and explore the other options like analysis to help you make better HODL decisions and also get a glimpse of your portfolio when you click Portfolio



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