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How I Turned a $10,000 Investment into $100,000 by Trading Stocks

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The stock market appears to be a trending topic these days. I’m here to continue that trend by sharing my experience about how I was able to turn $10,000 into $100,000 in the stock market.


So stick with me while I share with you my experience in the stock market. I decided to use a stock broker that is verified and secure; Beograd Capital Investment.


Before I shed more light on the broker that I used, let me explain the strategy that I used to make $100,000. The strategy I used is known as “Credit Spreads.” This strategy involves writing and selling option contracts to receive a premium.


I noticed a pattern where the stock prices of tech companies would increase significantly before they announced their earnings. After the earnings announcements, the price of the stock moved from dipping a little to going higher even further. As a result, I traded bull put spreads on tech companies a week before their earnings announcement, with the options expiring a few days later. The weekly stock price runs were so dramatic that even if the stock fell following a weak earnings report, the options would still expire worthless.


In essence, you would profit whether the stock increased or remained the same. Only in the event of a sharp decline in the stock would you lose money.


If a stock increases too much, the company would probably require a huge earnings report to keep growing. In this case, I could have chosen to trade bear call spreads on companies I thought would report earnings that were just average or bad.


This strategy is the opposite of the bear put spread. You profit regardless of whether the stock increases, decreases, or stays the same. You would only lose money if the stock increased drastically.


Now that I’ve shed light on the strategy I used, let me reveal the broker that helped me turn $10,000 to $100,000 and why I used them.


Beograd Capital Investment has secure, fast, and powerful technology that makes trading easy and efficient for even novices. Insider experts helped me with my trades and showed me how to use the platform’s learning resources and analytical tools.


I prefer this platform because it offers:

  • Secure trading
  • Multiple assets
  • Educational resources, and
  • Analytical tools


Furthermore, you can begin using this platform in 3 easy steps:


Create an Account

Simply click on the “Get Started” button on the platform and fill out the sign-up form.


Fund Your Wallet

You can fund your account by selecting one of the account types that the broker offers and depositing. You can fund your wallet through different options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, USDT, Bitwallet, and lots more.


Start Trading

You can gain access to the trading site and begin trading after adding money to your wallet.


So, if you’re ready to trade without any limitations, open an account today at Beograd Capital Investment and start trading.

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