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HDG Markets Review: Is Your Money Safe With HDG Markets?

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HDG Market

Despite that HDG Market claims to be legitimate, it is a dangerous, unregulated investment that will leave you sad when it vanishes with your money.


We have solid reasons for thinking that this is a fraudulent broker platform and should be avoided because it doesn’t give adequate information.


Don’t give up if you have been scammed by HDG Markets. We can get your money back. Keep reading to find out more reasons why investing with HDG Markets is a bad idea.


How HDG Markets Works

HDG Markets uses deceptive online advertisements to entice as many individuals as possible and also increase the number of customers they can scam. They provide a link that you may click to enter your email and phone number on their website.


They will get in touch with the prospect right away and make any promises necessary to get them to deposit money with them as soon as possible. They are skilled scammers, so before you even realize it, they will ask for your bank card information to help you make the deposit. Don’t give out this kind of information to prevent your identity from being stolen, which can cause more problems and account losses.


They will convince you for more cash and induce you to make more deposits to make up for your losses (if you incur any loss). When you start to make money, they will try to persuade you to invest more to boost your earnings. Problems normally start when you wish to withdraw your profits. They will either discourage you or make you pay.


Before you know it, they will stop withdrawals on the pretense of updating their platform, but that’s just a ruse to steal your money.


If someone pressures you to invest, the platform is most certainly a fraud because legitimate businesses won’t call or contact you to get you to deposit with them.


Are Your Funds Safe With HDG Markets?

You should never invest with an unregistered broker. Why would it be difficult for a broker to have a simple regulation? Investing in unregulated brokers is a dangerous move.


Also, this broker poses as a reputable business to steal money from investors. A major issue with unregulated investment companies is the security of funds. They can act foolishly with ease because they are confident that no watchdog will hold them accountable.


Therefore, we cannot endorse HDG Markets.


How to Get Your Money Back from HDG Markets

If you were a victim of HDG Markets, there is still a chance for you to recover your losses. If you paid with a debit or credit card, you might be able to use a process known as a chargeback to urge your bank to assist in getting your money back.


Consider reporting the fraud to the police to see if they can take any action after becoming the victim of a scam, as well as to your state’s consumer protection office. You can also report online scams to the FTC.


Get in touch with one of our fund recovery experts at Forexposed to learn more about how we can help you get your money back from HDG Markets.

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