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Glofinance Review: Is Glofinance Legit or a Scam?

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Glofinance (an online trading platform) makes the promise of helping its customers generate passive income. However, Glofinance poses a potential risk to investors and traders. It is best to keep your money away from this broker if you do not want to lose your investment.


The platform is an MLM business that caters to the cryptocurrency market. Even the broker’s website contains no information about its employees. The broker’s use of stock photos as employees’ photos on its website raises suspicions. Additionally, they posted a video in which a paid actor pretended to be a staff member. All of these items serve as evidence of the broker’s fraud and lack of reliability, as well as the riskiness of your assets.


Also, Glofinance finds it difficult to clarify their lies. They arranged a FINCEN certificate for an MSB registration to appear legitimate. Typically, offshore fraudsters use false information to obtain this certificate.


Is Glofinance Reliable?


The Cryptos OTC evaluation for Glofinance is not convincing, and Fake Broker Watchdog does not advise traders to trade with this broker. Your funds are not secure with this broker. Instead, search for licensed and well-known brokers who can aid in the growth of your finances.


The first and the most important step that you need to take when shopping for a reliable broker is to find out about the broker’s certification. This will show if Glofinance is an offshore and/or unregulated company or if it has to follow rules set by a central authority.


When a broker is unregulated or is regulated by a body that is not in your country, you have little to no legal backup if your money gets stolen. If there is theft, complaints can only be filed if the broker has a license from the regulatory body in your country.


Avoid a broker that is not licensed and is not able to get a license from a regulatory authority in your country. Even if the brokerage is regulated, it is advised to stay away from it if the regulator is based somewhere else.


How to Get Your Money Back from Glofinance


Have you been scammed by Glofinance? You have nothing to worry about since you’re not the first to fall victim to their tactics. Even the most careful investors make mistakes sometimes, which should be seen as a chance to learn. You can get your money back from Glofinance by following the right steps and through the right guidance.


The good news is that you can easily have access to a professional fund recovery service. The staff of our highly recommended Fund Recovery Specialists, a specialized organization devoted to assisting customers in recovering money lost online, is available around-the-clock and has assisted customers in recovering millions of dollars.


We can help with a chargeback. A chargeback is when a charge that was made with your credit card, wire transfer, or another payment method is retrospectively canceled and refunded.


Online fraud victims have a fairly high chance of getting back part or all of their lost money by putting together an effective chargeback strategy from beginning to end.


Get in touch with Forexposed to discuss your specific needs and to discover how we can help you cover your money as soon as possible.

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